A downloadable theremin for Windows

hi i made this for a game jam, it's pretty short but kind of lays out the groundwork for a larger game should i come back to this.

You, the player, work at a convenience store? You're in a band? The ideas of these things more or less come to mind but oh man the colors, like why is everything so pink? What made that a good idea?

This is a walkaround style rpg with a tiny bit of story. Most of the story comes from this prologue comic, which you can read from https://niahmakesstuff.itch.io/gumtown-comic

music by my friend Jimmi Masuraki https://twitter.com/JimiMasuraki
bye thanks

also the in game control instructions are wrong just use arrow keys and space

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i really loved this and the comic prequel!! the mood is just something else... like i love the sine wave dialog box, and the visuals are really neat. gosh there's just a lot to love here. of course the ingame theremin playing was a highlight for me! ambitious. what engine is this made in? very good game :)


Hey Fluidvolt! Tuckie doesn't pay attention to comments usually, anyways, from what I understand (which isn't much) the game was made in a custom modified version of RPG maker, and the comic was made with a variety of occult substances. Thanks for checking out our stuff!


uh actually if you read my backstory we had a cool convo on twitter about this stuff >:)


sorry I don’t understand deep Tuckie lore


ahh i hadn't seen this response! thanks for answering. tuckie did eventually get to me on twitter but i really do appreciate your answering me, so thoughtful of you thank you! ˉ̞̭(′͈∨‵͈♡)˄̻ ̊ both of your projects are very cool!! tuckie, please send me a hard-copy of the tuckie lore, i _will_ need to consult it and highlight various portions