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Cryptid Low-Cation is the MMO we deserve.

Make a Cryptid to live on the digital plane forever, and interact with the denizens who already exist. Your characters are uploaded online for future players to see and interact with so be nice ok :)


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
TagsCute, mixed-media, Pixel Art, Unity


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I don't know if I am doing this wrong but I couldn't find anyone :-(

5 years later I think whatever free service I set up the server with is probably expired, sorry...


cute! I love the little voices ^-^


This gives me some "Petscop" Vibes, Good on ya! :D


Ok so  i made a personn, and now i cant do anything except walk around the empty plane...

Looks really cool, is there any future developments for this game? Like stuff to interact and play with? I would totally love that because I already am mesmerised by the art and want to do more

it would probably have to be a group descision ~~ this was a jam game from back in the summer, and we all have our own larger projects and jobs we got back to, so while I too feel this isnt quite complete as a game, it would probably take a bit to get this started up again. The original concept was to do a little animal crossing style thing that pulled from the creations of players most local to you. I'd certainly like to see something like that come to fruition but I've already got quite a few other projects on the back burner already...

It's fine if you can't finish this game right now, just wanted to know if you were updating it or not since it seemed so promising. No pressure. But if you ever do think of finishing this game, I would be ready to wait 'cause like I mentioned, everything seems nicely done and I love the concept.

Anyway, good luck for your other projects! <3

I love the concept and the level of quirk!! Please take care of Bippy!

Adore this game, its super quirky and fun and I love the art! Only issue is that all my characters spawn in the same place and overlap each other so I can  only talk to one. 


I'm having difficulty playing? I'm on a mac, I can get through character creation but as soon as I try to play the world is black and there's a small strip of sky so I can see that I'm moving but I can't see anything in the game. 

ohh oops im so sorry :( - from what I know this is kinda a common issue building for mac - none of us working on it have macs to test it on so getting a fix ready might take a bit but i'll for sure keep it in mind for future updatez ...

Deleted 5 years ago

Super cute and weird. I love it. I live at the top of the mushroom now.


It's an interesting and weird game, with some features that make the game feel very promising. The chracter creation screen is very nicely done, you get a lot of options on how the character looks and behaves. The visual style throughout the game is interesting, even if the game's world looks a bit empty. There were some glitches with the NPCs in that sometimes there seemed to be two character models overlapping each other.

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