A downloadable gwepo world for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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game by tuckie https://twitter.com/bwuhhh

sounds by Zack https://twitter.com/hey_zack_

lovely gwepos is ostensibly a virtual pet game about playing another virtual pet game. the gwepos are chill and you should give them fruit and light like all things in life i guess. they only try to kill you sometimes. you have to play a second virtual pet game to earn coins for more light and fruit but who cares because everything looks broken and trippy and you can wander thru flowers and watch gwepos bounce around


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gwepo penguins.zip 22 MB
gwepo for macz.zip 21 MB
lovely gwepos.zip 17 MB


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Some of the sounds were really stabby. I loved the art and lil minigame.

hella confusing but lovely all the same, art is really nice and the wavy background seriously gave me some yume nikki vibes. great stuff!!!


the game doesn't really explain itself but it was uhh a jam game, yeah that's it -_-' also yes!! im very happy i got wavy backgrounds in (this is technically the fourth language ive programmed this in lol) bc the look was very much supposed to be voidscape

I love the art, I love the tamagotchi mechanic, I love that everything you love and strive to care for inevitably betrays you.

ha ha thank you for liking it but i think that second half is how all the video game's work